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The History of Salt: It's Way More Interesting Than You Think

Most people don’t think much of salt beyond the shaker on their dinner table or the salt lamp on their nightstand, but salt has been serving a vast array of important purposes here on earth for over 8000 years! From ancient Chinese medicinal use to Roman Currency to today’s litany of health, consumable and aesthetic uses, salt has been integral on Earth for millennia.

Salt has been used in food and medicine going back to ancient China; its first written note appearing somewhere around 2700 B.C. but it had been in use in China for thousands of years prior. From ancient Rome to portions of Ethiopia still today, salt is used as payment for work. In fact, the word “salary” that we use today comes from the word salt. Other words like salad, sauce, and sausage also derive their name from the word salt – a component or common seasoning of each historically. There are even over two dozen references to salt in the Bible. Salt mines and salt-making have been important for most known civilizations…

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