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5 Ways Salt Therapy Can Help Keep You Healthy

1. Kills bacteria in the respiratory system Salt is naturally antibacterial so it is able to kill bacteria in the respiratory system as we breathe in the pulverized salt. Due to their microscopic size, the salt particles are able to reach deep into the sinuses and lungs, from the bronchi to the alveoli. Killing bacteria in the respiratory system can help you get better faster if you are already not feeling well and can also prevent illness when done on a regular basis.  2. Clears away mucus buildup that can lead to illness Everyone has mucus in their body, it is a protective lining for our tissues that keeps them from drying out. Mucus also acts as a trap for irritants like dust and bacteria. While mucus is necessary for the body, it can cause problems when there is a buildup of too much mucus in the respiratory system. Mucus buildup is often the cause of infections such as ear infections and sinus infections. Salt therapy helps to thin out mucus and allow it to drain (along

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